Fake news and social media are destroying our country.

Corruption in politics has never been more obvious and prevalent.

The Republican party and their supporters must stand together to prevent Socialism from becoming our way of life. The Democrats cheated the American people by rigging the election. This is not a conspiracy theory, there is proof that dead people voted, Dominion software caused Republican votes to be counted as Democrat votes, dumped ballots, mysterious ballots appearing early in the morning all for Biden and the same ballots being counted over and over. All this was to benefit the Democrats. The left has a history of dishonest behavior and this is just a continuation of their known history. The Democrats committed voting fraud, were involved in numerous acts of self-dealing for personal profit and have infiltrated our school systems. Many teachers are brainwashing our children destroying their values and American history. In most cases the school system is allowing this behavior. Hold Them Responsible is dedicated to fight the corruption in government and to regain control of our educational system. If you are aware of a student experiencing negative or derogatory political comments or being harassed by a teacher due to a difference of political view, report it to Hold Them Responsible. They need your help.


Human Interest Stories

NPR’s Fake News From the Supreme Court

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar is hosting a temporary program pompously titled “Democracy In Peril.” On Jan. 18, Keilar huffed: “We can’t discuss the tsunami of disinformation, jeopardizing American democracy, without talking about the mothership, Fox.”

On the very same day, NPR Supreme Court reporter Nina Totenberg aired a story claiming that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was callously ignoring requests from Chief Justice John Roberts to wear a mask during oral arguments in deference to diabetes-suffering colleague Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Read More…

GOP Lawmaker Says Biden Should Not Get a ‘Pass’ Because He’s ‘Old and Feeble’: ‘He Knows What He’s Doing

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 19: U.S. President Joe Biden answers questions during a news conference in the East Room of the White House on January 19, 2022 in Washington, DC. With his approval rating hovering around 42-percent, Biden is approaching the end of his first year in the Oval Office with inflation rising, COVID-19 surging and his legislative agenda stalled on Capitol Hill. Read More…

Democrats’ problems are their ideas, not process

Senate Democratic leaders are going to try one more time to vote on the nearly-inert remnants of the Build Back Better bill, while also trying to scrap the filibuster in order to pass a sweeping revision of voting laws.

Both efforts are going to fail. Senator Chuck Schumer knows that, the White House knows that…but on they go. It’s always best to stand back when a major political party is determined to fail. Here, it’s also worth pushing back against the accepted wisdom on the left that Senate procedures like the filibuster are an existential threat to our civic life. The deeply inconvenient truth is that legislating is supposed to be difficult — by design. But it goes much deeper: Read More…


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