Dear liberal media of all kinds:
I am begging the mainstream media, alternative media, and social media platforms to consider the idea of dropping your bias for just one day. Be fair minded. Give the words spoken by Rep Maxine Waters over the weekend to the so-called protestors the same scrutiny as you did to the words of President Trump on January 6 when addressing rally attendees.
In my opinion, you took Trump’s words out of context. But assuming you disagree with my opinion, then how can there be any question regarding the context of Waters’ statement about “remaining in the streets” and getting “more confrontational” if the verdict in the Floyd case isn’t murder?
Media, if you really give a dang about curbing violence this week like you did starting on January 7 then you’ll do your job and hold Waters accountable. Kick her off social media, take the mic away from her, demand Congress impeach her, demand the FBI investigate her for hate speech and possibly inciting a riot, call for Nancy Pelosi to take away Maxine’s committee spots and turn off her access to confidential and classified information on all matters. Otherwise, media folks, in my opinion you’re no better than Waters herself.
These are my opinions, but I think everyone should share them.

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