Who We Are

HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE (HTR) is an organization that has established and designed a program to link victims to legal representation without financial burden.  Our drive is to seek justice and to make our society a better place for all. 

We must not sit back and allow our society to crumble due to political indifference.  HTR wants to help!

We are providing this free legal service for matters we investigate and agree to support. Our goal is to pursue criminal prosecution in addition to civil action where warranted. 

You are not alone in your fight for fair and equal opportunity and the right to live peacefully.  Using investigative techniques and your assistance, we can make America a better place for all of us. 

HTR believes that filing civil lawsuits against radical, lawless individuals will eventually reduce the number of incidents for these types of crimes. Social media will provide the necessary avenues to inform the public about the existing cases and the potential for new civil lawsuits causing financial losses or judgements that typically were previously ignored.

HTR will be monitoring incidents of discrimination and retaliation against conservatives that speak their mind and/or refusing to abide by the radicals on the left. This includes areas of public and private employment.

HTR needs your help by providing us with videos and other forms of information demonstrating abuses which will be investigated.

We need YOUR help to identify both victims and assailants in the submitted videos.

We are also asking that you forward this site to your social media connections.

We need to hire board certified litigators to fight the fight to save America.

Hold Them Responsible needs donations to achieve our goals.

Please donate what you can.

Thank you for viewing us.


About us

HTR is more than just a political information site. There is an unusual amount of political unrest in our country which has caused a great deal of personal injury, property damage and theft. Our goal is to identify as many people as possible that

have caused these problems and Hold Them Responsible for their actions. HTR will post photos and videos that we receive of criminal behavior and are asking the public’s help in identifying both the victim and the criminal.

It is our goal to provide for legal justice to those people that normally would not have the means to legally protect themselves by filing a civil lawsuit on their behalf that may also lead to criminal charges being filed.

It is our belief that political violence will be substantially reduced once it becomes known that these criminals will be charged in a civil matter and will face financial consequences.

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