Leaked Audio: Superintendent Tells Teachers CRT ‘Isn’t Optional Anymore…If You’re Not Willing Then Maybe This Isn’t The Right Place For You’

“… it needs to be everybody, to include our staff, our students, our community, eventually everyone.”

For months, teachers from across the country have been reaching out to me with stories about bullying and intimidation in the workplace related to diversity training and radical changes to curriculum. Recently, an anonymous teacher in Beaverton, Oregon, sent me a recording from a zoom call in which the superintendent clearly implies that teachers who are not ideologically aligned with the administration on its “anti-racism” agenda would not be welcome to continue teaching in the district.

The quote was recorded during an equity committee meeting via Zoom on January 28th, in which the group was discussing an upcoming mandatory staff training on “anti-racism.” In the clip, superintendent Don Grotting states:  Read More…


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