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The legal fund makes it possible for Hold Them Responsible to challenge those that mistreat, abuse and assault individuals expressing their legal right to express their support for any political candidate. We appreciate your support.

TRUMP SPEAKS for the first time since leaving office. …Here it is.

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Pelosi Gets Nasty Greeting in England: Protesters Shout ‘Trump Won,’ ‘Get Back to Epstein’s Island’

It wasn’t exactly the welcome wagon for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in jolly old England, with protesters shouting, “Trump won” and “Go back to Epstein Island” during the California Democrat’s visit to the northern part of the country on Saturday. One man proclaimed, “The whole world knows that Donald Trump won the 2020

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White House reporters are protesting after President Joe Biden’s handlers did their best imitation of screaming banshees as they blocked reporters from asking him questions during British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to the White House on Tuesday. Johnson and Biden held a brief photo op in the Oval Office during which Johnson answered questions

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