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I am amazed that you libs can just ignore FACTS in order to justify your behavior.

FACT: The bill specifically states that drivers will not be held liable if they are fleeing a life-threatening situation. Such a situation occurs when YOU LIBERALS, and your THUG army surround people in their cars, then start smashing in windows, jumping on the hood or the roof, and smashing the trunk with whatever heavy object they “just happened to have brought along” for their “peaceful protests”!!! When it is your intimidation army of thugs threatening the lives of innocent people who got caught in your ILLEGAL stopping of traffic, and menacing actions toward vehicle occupants, you seem perfectly fine with it. But when a driver, fearing for his life as Antifa and BLM thugs attempt to yank open the doors or break in windows, reactd and attemptd to flee the danger in the ONLY way he or she can, it is only THEN, that you care about safety. And then only the safety of the THUG army that instigated the issue in the first place.

Sorry, but my sympathies lie with that family trapped in that vehicle, NOT with those wild-eyed, profanity-spewing, anarchists whose intent is to terrorize those vehicle occupants, if not worse. Texas has the same rule. See, WE we’re taught NOT to run out and play in the middle of the street, MUCH less a major avenue or highway, because cars were dangerous. If you want to stand in front of a 2,000 lbs vehicle and play chicken because you were never told “NO!”, then that is YOUR choice, and you can live (or not) with the consequences of your decision. As soon as a crowd starts attacking my car and I believe a breech is imminent, then I will take steps to save my life and that if my family. THAT, is what is recognized in the law you so disparage. But since your party has become the bonafide Party for Criminals, I can see how you would be outraged that people choose to not just roll over and be victimized by you and your kind. Too bad!!! No one made you start the fight. And you have to accept that we will take the necessary steps to finish it. Self-defense is a RIGHT that you and your “movement” do NOT have to right to supercede. My rights do not end where your “feelings” start. Get over yourselves!!! Read More Comments…

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